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How to Use Autumn in Your Photography

A change in season means a change in colours, landscapes and scenery. This change allows you to capture some beautiful images that will make the perfect canvas print. The autumn palette is warm and striking, especially when used effectively in photography. So, grab a pumpkin spiced latte, sit back and read our advice on how to capture the perfect autumn photo.


To truly capture the vibrant colours of autumn, head out just before sunset or after sunrise. This is when the lighting is at its warmest and will look it’s best through the lens. You also need to be quick as leaves can fall overnight and strip trees bare. Monitor the progress of the leaves as they change colour to ensure they look the best they can when you are shooting.


As the trees lose their leaves, they begin to create beautiful shadows amongst the forest floor as the lighting from the sun seeps through the different heights of the canopies. You will find lots of interesting patterns and compositions from flourishing leaves and trees so remember to explore this with your camera.


With autumn, comes colder weather. Fog soon starts to encompass our surroundings and creates a dramatic effect on any photo. Focus on a leaf or other object at the front of the lens and the fog behind will form a blurred background and create a very professional looking photograph. Fog doesn’t have to be dull, with the right amount of soft light seeping through you will have a perfect photo for canvas art in your home.


Animals spend much of their time in autumn, preparing for winter. This makes this season the perfect time to take photos of animals as not only will you get a natural portrait, you will capture their relationship with the environment. If you don’t live in an area bursting with nature, venture to a local park or nature reserve that is the host to plenty of wildlife.


Autumn photography doesn’t just have to be scenery and wildlife, capture the memories that the colder months creates too. Wrap up in scarves and hats and let the children go exploring for conkers or have fun in the bundles of leaves. Natural photography of the family enjoying their time outside can make for beautiful photos that you will be proud to display in your home.

Follow our advice and you will soon have a gorgeous gallery of warming photographs. When you’ve chosen your favourite, don’t forget to have it printed onto one of our canvases that you can give as a gift or keep for a beautiful piece of wall art. Get in touch today for all your bespoke canvas needs.