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Our Top Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can be a work of art in a home if it is assembled correctly. Not only does it add depth, but it also makes the interior of your home look much more interesting as it showcases your personality. A gallery wall can be as creative as you like, so long as you put in an appropriate amount of thought and effort. That’s why we’ve gathered a step by step guide to help you:

  1. Find the right wall

If you’re looking to create a gallery wall, then you need to find a huge empty wall within your home. We think they look especially great when near to a fire place, above a bed or sofa or even in a child’s bedroom or nursery. They are perfect for a house of any size as you can choose how big you want to scale your art.

  1. Choose your photos

When it comes to choosing the correct photos, you need to make sure you have a theme in mind for the wall as a whole. Some people prefer to have their wall quite uniform with a clear colour scheme throughout whereas other like the creativity of having their prints with a more diverse theme. You’ll also need to have a rough idea of how many prints you want too.

  1. Plan it first

The worst thing you can do is go straight to the wall once you’ve received your prints, as if you place it in the wrong position or it doesn’t look quite right, you’ll be left with lots of little holes in the walls. Use the floor space to plan where your images are going to go and in what order, almost like a jigsaw puzzle!

  1. Be daring

Don’t think that you have to follow strict guidelines or rules when it comes to your gallery wall, as we mentioned above it’s your chance to be creative and fill the space how you like. Don’t assume that central is best, because it’s a gallery and the prints are all positioned differently, it may look better to have them further to one side.

  1. Keep it going!

Once you have all your prints done and hung, don’t limit yourself by stopping there. The best part about a gallery wall is that if you’ve got the wall space, your gallery will just keep growing and growing as you want it. You can switch up the prints you have on there or the frames too. There’re no limitations.

If you’re thinking of incorporating a gallery wall into your home, then here at Posh Canvas we offer bespoke canvases, tailored to you. Whether it be a quote or a photo, we have what you need so get in touch today.