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Remember, Remember, The 5th November

The 5th November wouldn’t be the same without the boom of fireworks and year on year, people are keen to share their firework photography on Instagram. It isn’t always easy to perfectly capture those spectacular bursts of colour so, we’ve collected five top tips for taking pictures this Bonfire Night.

Get the best view

You will certainly want an unobstructed view if you’re heading to a public bonfire this year. Locate yourself high up on a rooftop or hill that gives you the best view point with no trees or cables standing in your way. Or alternatively, you may want to include particular obstructions, like famous landmarks, to your shot in order to frame it better. Water can also enhance your photography massively as the colours of the activity in the sky will reflect in the water.

Avoid the breeze

With fire, comes smoke and this is something that will certainly affect your photography if you haven’t already taken it into account. Depending on the weather conditions, huge amounts of smoke will move with the wind, and this may affect your vision. Try to stand away from the launch point of the firework in order to avoid capturing clouds of smoke which, if you get your photos printed, can ruin the result.


Shutter speed is essential when it comes to capturing the burst of a firework. Your eyes may see everything happen very quickly, but your camera won’t be able to take in the whole shot if the shutter speed is less than a second. You need to change the shutter speed to between one and fifteen seconds so experiment in order to understand the correct settings needed.

Use Burst Mode

If you have a burst mode on your phone or camera then use it to your advantage on bonfire night. Hold down the button for the duration of the firework and you will have captured multiple photos in one shot which you can then choose the best from. Why not get the best photo printed onto a canvas and placed in your home for a pop of colour on the walls? 

Get creative

This time of year is perfect for getting creative with your photography as the nights are dark but the colours and shadows created with fireworks are truly magical. One simple and easy trick for adding a personal touch, is to use sparklers to write your name in the air. Again, experiment with shutter speed to capture the light’s path.

Bonfire night is the perfect night to capture beautiful memories with family, with equally beautiful photography. Fireworks provide a rainbow of colours in a dark sky which is hard to achieve at any other point of the year so remember, remember, this 5th November to display your photos in a gorgeous canvas by us.