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And Their Photos Lived Happily Ever After...

Summer wedding season is drawing to a close for the year, yet it’s becoming more common for married couples to have an array of stunning shots from their wedding day, but do nothing with them. Wedding photos are much anticipated by both wedding party and guests alike, so, we’ve had a look at four reasons why you should have your photos printed.

Your photos tell a story. From the first second, to the last, your wedding day is captured. When combined, the photos taken can tell the story from the bride getting ready, all the way through to the reception. Having these photos displayed in an album is much more interesting and fun to flip through than having to swipe across on a screen. It also means future grandchildren can re-live your special day with you.

You need to keep them safe. We know that data storage mediums quickly go out of fashion, making them impossible to retrieve data in the future. There’s no guaranteeing that the USB drive or CD your wedding album is currently stored on will still be accessible in 10 years’ time. Having them stored on a laptop is also not the best solution, photos can very easily be deleted or lost. Having your photos printed protects you from the loss of these precious memories.

You‘ve spent a lot. With beautiful dresses and décor comes perfect photo opportunities so it’s likely that you have spent a lot of money on your photographer yet done nothing with those precious photos. Sadly, some couples pay hundreds for wedding photography, only for the final images to be set as their phone background and live amongst their phones forevermore.

They are art. There is no denying that your wedding shots are some of the most beautiful photos you will own. Having them printed onto canvas can provide your home with a unique piece of art that brings your home together and creates a warm nostalgia for that happy moment. It doesn’t have to just be a single shot, it could be a print with the lyrics to your first song on, or a collage  of all your favourite moments of your special day.

However you choose to document your wedding photography, we want to make sure it is special and truly captures the happiness shared on your wedding day. Here at Posh Canvas we have over 70 different wedding canvases available to personalise in order to perfectly display your wedding day. Capture your memories here.