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4 Reasons Why Personalised Gifts Are the BEST Gifts

World Kindness Day is a day to celebrate and promote kindness in all its forms. One of our favourite ways to be kind to others is through the giving of gifts. And an even kinder gift is a personalised one. Personalisation works for everyone for exactly that reason; it is catered towards that one individual.

It’s the thought that counts

If a gift is personalised, it has obviously had a lot of thought and care gone into it and that certainly shows. We love this scrabble canvas as it allows you to really think about all the important things in your loved one’s life.


Scrabble Words Canvas

They are treasured forever

Some gifts are easily forgotten about and discarded of if they don’t have a true special meaning behind them. Personalised gifts tend to tell a story and people therefore feel a nostalgia for that special time or event. A gift for newlyweds is perfect for that reason and we have some perfect wedding canvases ready and waiting to be personalised. They can feature the happy couple’s first dance song, or even just the date of their happy day.


Wedding lyrics print 

They suit every occasion

Whether it be a wedding, a birthday or even next month’s big festive event, a customised gift will suit them all. Christening canvases are really popular as they mark a beautiful occasion with an equally beautiful piece of artwork that can be displayed and treasured in any child’s bedroom.



Baby girl canvas 

They’re one of a kind

Personalised gifts easily avoid the dread of buying somebody an identical present to one they have already received. With your gift you know that it is truly unique and that makes it even more special. This Christmas why not treat that special someone? Canvases like this one below not only provide a great decoration for the home, but also have a little personalised touch!





Family tandem canvas

With Christmas approaching, why not use World Kindness Day to personalise a gift for somebody special in your life? Even the simplest of gifts can be turned into a masterpiece with a little personalised touch added to it. We specialise in bespoke canvases, so get in touch  with us today!