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The 4 Biggest Bedroom Trends for Kids

As children grow and develop, so do their imaginations. Decorating a child’s bedroom allows these imaginations to run wild as a whole world of possibilities are opened up. Whether it be a bedroom, a nursery or a playroom, there are no limitations to how creative you can be when transforming a room and so, we’ve had a look at our favourite trends at the moment for children’s interior.

1. Tepee’s

A huge trend at the moment is teepees for children. They can be home made with a bed sheet and pole or store bought but however you have them; we love them. They provide a small, cosy place for children to spend time playing. We love the original Indian themed teepee and we have a canvas to match too, so the theme can be incorporated across the whole bedroom! For parent’s wanting to go a step further, why not create a teepee over the bed and transform the room into a fairy tale room?

2. Fairy tale themed rooms

For budding little Princesses, dreams are becoming reality with the big trend of having a fairy-tale bedroom. As mentioned above, rooms can be transformed in an instant with the addition of fabric over the bed frame to create a bed that’s fit for a real-life princess. Add some fairy lights and either of our ‘Welcome Her Royal Cuteness’ or ‘Our Little Princess’ canvases to make your little girl live her magical fantasy.

3. Animal Wall Mounts

Although it may seem strange to mount cuddly toys on the wall, this trend is taking over children’s bedrooms. The mounts range from cute farm animals to unicorns and make a great addition to any bedroom. Not only that, but they create a focus piece for a feature wall alongside other matching wall art pieces. Unicorns are a massive craze at the moment and wall mounts of the magical animal are selling out; teamed with our unicorn canvases they make the perfect pink collection on any wall.

4. Cowboys

Alternatively, cowboys are fast becoming boy’s best friend and parents are beginning to add a western theme to their boy’s bedrooms. We have the perfect ‘Wanted’ style canvas for this, which can even be personalised for your very own little cowboy. Add this to the wall with a horse head wall mount as mentioned above for the perfect themed bedroom.

No matter how you choose to decorate your child’s bedroom, make sure it showcases their personality and is as creative as can be. Through our bespoke personalised prints, you can achieve just that. Get in touch with us today.