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  • Making Magical Memories

    Christmas is the most magical time of the year not just for children, but everybody as we grow older and realise the true meaning of Christmas. One thing that is especially important during this festive season is making everlasting memories and photographing them too.

    Include family and friends

    Some of the best memories are created when you have everybody you love around you, so be sure to spend as much time with family and friends as you can during this festive season. Simple things like going for wintery walks with grandparents or visiting Christmas markets with friends can bring lots of fun and quality time with the people dearest to you.

    Sit back and relax

    This special season only comes around once a year, so make the most of it. Although you should have lots of fun filled events planned, remember to leave spare time to relax, sit back and appreciate what you have around you. It is only then, that you will be able to enjoy the moment much more without having to worry about the big to-do list and manic moments.

    Enjoy Christmas traditions

    Each family has their own traditions at this time of year, and it’s important that these are continued where possible. They don’t have to be grand, they could be little traditions like Christmas Eve pyjamas, putting up Christmas lights or baking together. It’s these that are the most memorable as your family grows together.

    Have your camera ready

    Taking photos during this season is incredibly important in order to remember those special moments in years to come. It’s also great fun if you photograph one of the above traditions each year, as you can see how times have changed when you look back. Being with family so much during this season means you have the perfect opportunity to capture some gorgeous family shots.

    However you choose to make memories this season, make sure you have lots of photos to show this. We have a wide range of gorgeous Christmas canvases available, or alternatively you could upload one of your photos and have it displayed in your home. Get in touch with us today for our bespoke services.

  • Black Friday 2018

    It’s a buyer’s favourite day of the year… it’s Black Friday! As the countdown to Christmas begins, everybody all over the world is planning to get their gifts at a bargain price. It would only be fair for us to offer the same so, there is 20% off all products on our website for the whole weekend!

    Personalised canvases make a great gift for someone you love, so why not create one this weekend?  There is something for everybody on our website whether it be wedding canvases, song lyrics or just a plain photo print. To make things even easier, we have collected what we think are the best gifts for Christmas and popped them here.

    Still not sure what to get? Take a look at our range of personalised canvases, now at an even better price!

  • 4 Reasons Why Personalised Gifts Are the BEST Gifts

    World Kindness Day is a day to celebrate and promote kindness in all its forms. One of our favourite ways to be kind to others is through the giving of gifts. And an even kinder gift is a personalised one. Personalisation works for everyone for exactly that reason; it is catered towards that one individual.

    It’s the thought that counts

    If a gift is personalised, it has obviously had a lot of thought and care gone into it and that certainly shows. We love this scrabble canvas as it allows you to really think about all the important things in your loved one’s life.


    Scrabble Words Canvas

    They are treasured forever

    Some gifts are easily forgotten about and discarded of if they don’t have a true special meaning behind them. Personalised gifts tend to tell a story and people therefore feel a nostalgia for that special time or event. A gift for newlyweds is perfect for that reason and we have some perfect wedding canvases ready and waiting to be personalised. They can feature the happy couple’s first dance song, or even just the date of their happy day.


    Wedding lyrics print 

    They suit every occasion

    Whether it be a wedding, a birthday or even next month’s big festive event, a customised gift will suit them all. Christening canvases are really popular as they mark a beautiful occasion with an equally beautiful piece of artwork that can be displayed and treasured in any child’s bedroom.



    Baby girl canvas 

    They’re one of a kind

    Personalised gifts easily avoid the dread of buying somebody an identical present to one they have already received. With your gift you know that it is truly unique and that makes it even more special. This Christmas why not treat that special someone? Canvases like this one below not only provide a great decoration for the home, but also have a little personalised touch!





    Family tandem canvas

    With Christmas approaching, why not use World Kindness Day to personalise a gift for somebody special in your life? Even the simplest of gifts can be turned into a masterpiece with a little personalised touch added to it. We specialise in bespoke canvases, so get in touch  with us today!

  • Remember, Remember, The 5th November

    The 5th November wouldn’t be the same without the boom of fireworks and year on year, people are keen to share their firework photography on Instagram. It isn’t always easy to perfectly capture those spectacular bursts of colour so, we’ve collected five top tips for taking pictures this Bonfire Night.

    Get the best view

    You will certainly want an unobstructed view if you’re heading to a public bonfire this year. Locate yourself high up on a rooftop or hill that gives you the best view point with no trees or cables standing in your way. Or alternatively, you may want to include particular obstructions, like famous landmarks, to your shot in order to frame it better. Water can also enhance your photography massively as the colours of the activity in the sky will reflect in the water.

    Avoid the breeze

    With fire, comes smoke and this is something that will certainly affect your photography if you haven’t already taken it into account. Depending on the weather conditions, huge amounts of smoke will move with the wind, and this may affect your vision. Try to stand away from the launch point of the firework in order to avoid capturing clouds of smoke which, if you get your photos printed, can ruin the result.


    Shutter speed is essential when it comes to capturing the burst of a firework. Your eyes may see everything happen very quickly, but your camera won’t be able to take in the whole shot if the shutter speed is less than a second. You need to change the shutter speed to between one and fifteen seconds so experiment in order to understand the correct settings needed.

    Use Burst Mode

    If you have a burst mode on your phone or camera then use it to your advantage on bonfire night. Hold down the button for the duration of the firework and you will have captured multiple photos in one shot which you can then choose the best from. Why not get the best photo printed onto a canvas and placed in your home for a pop of colour on the walls? 

    Get creative

    This time of year is perfect for getting creative with your photography as the nights are dark but the colours and shadows created with fireworks are truly magical. One simple and easy trick for adding a personal touch, is to use sparklers to write your name in the air. Again, experiment with shutter speed to capture the light’s path.

    Bonfire night is the perfect night to capture beautiful memories with family, with equally beautiful photography. Fireworks provide a rainbow of colours in a dark sky which is hard to achieve at any other point of the year so remember, remember, this 5th November to display your photos in a gorgeous canvas by us.

  • How to Use Autumn in Your Photography

    A change in season means a change in colours, landscapes and scenery. This change allows you to capture some beautiful images that will make the perfect canvas print. The autumn palette is warm and striking, especially when used effectively in photography. So, grab a pumpkin spiced latte, sit back and read our advice on how to capture the perfect autumn photo.


    To truly capture the vibrant colours of autumn, head out just before sunset or after sunrise. This is when the lighting is at its warmest and will look it’s best through the lens. You also need to be quick as leaves can fall overnight and strip trees bare. Monitor the progress of the leaves as they change colour to ensure they look the best they can when you are shooting.


    As the trees lose their leaves, they begin to create beautiful shadows amongst the forest floor as the lighting from the sun seeps through the different heights of the canopies. You will find lots of interesting patterns and compositions from flourishing leaves and trees so remember to explore this with your camera.


    With autumn, comes colder weather. Fog soon starts to encompass our surroundings and creates a dramatic effect on any photo. Focus on a leaf or other object at the front of the lens and the fog behind will form a blurred background and create a very professional looking photograph. Fog doesn’t have to be dull, with the right amount of soft light seeping through you will have a perfect photo for canvas art in your home.


    Animals spend much of their time in autumn, preparing for winter. This makes this season the perfect time to take photos of animals as not only will you get a natural portrait, you will capture their relationship with the environment. If you don’t live in an area bursting with nature, venture to a local park or nature reserve that is the host to plenty of wildlife.


    Autumn photography doesn’t just have to be scenery and wildlife, capture the memories that the colder months creates too. Wrap up in scarves and hats and let the children go exploring for conkers or have fun in the bundles of leaves. Natural photography of the family enjoying their time outside can make for beautiful photos that you will be proud to display in your home.

    Follow our advice and you will soon have a gorgeous gallery of warming photographs. When you’ve chosen your favourite, don’t forget to have it printed onto one of our canvases that you can give as a gift or keep for a beautiful piece of wall art. Get in touch today for all your bespoke canvas needs.

  • The 4 Biggest Bedroom Trends for Kids

    As children grow and develop, so do their imaginations. Decorating a child’s bedroom allows these imaginations to run wild as a whole world of possibilities are opened up. Whether it be a bedroom, a nursery or a playroom, there are no limitations to how creative you can be when transforming a room and so, we’ve had a look at our favourite trends at the moment for children’s interior.

    1. Tepee’s

    A huge trend at the moment is teepees for children. They can be home made with a bed sheet and pole or store bought but however you have them; we love them. They provide a small, cosy place for children to spend time playing. We love the original Indian themed teepee and we have a canvas to match too, so the theme can be incorporated across the whole bedroom! For parent’s wanting to go a step further, why not create a teepee over the bed and transform the room into a fairy tale room?

    2. Fairy tale themed rooms

    For budding little Princesses, dreams are becoming reality with the big trend of having a fairy-tale bedroom. As mentioned above, rooms can be transformed in an instant with the addition of fabric over the bed frame to create a bed that’s fit for a real-life princess. Add some fairy lights and either of our ‘Welcome Her Royal Cuteness’ or ‘Our Little Princess’ canvases to make your little girl live her magical fantasy.

    3. Animal Wall Mounts

    Although it may seem strange to mount cuddly toys on the wall, this trend is taking over children’s bedrooms. The mounts range from cute farm animals to unicorns and make a great addition to any bedroom. Not only that, but they create a focus piece for a feature wall alongside other matching wall art pieces. Unicorns are a massive craze at the moment and wall mounts of the magical animal are selling out; teamed with our unicorn canvases they make the perfect pink collection on any wall.

    4. Cowboys

    Alternatively, cowboys are fast becoming boy’s best friend and parents are beginning to add a western theme to their boy’s bedrooms. We have the perfect ‘Wanted’ style canvas for this, which can even be personalised for your very own little cowboy. Add this to the wall with a horse head wall mount as mentioned above for the perfect themed bedroom.

    No matter how you choose to decorate your child’s bedroom, make sure it showcases their personality and is as creative as can be. Through our bespoke personalised prints, you can achieve just that. Get in touch with us today.

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